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These Terms of use govern the access and use of the website www.rateup.net, the applications, the content, the information and services ("Website"), located on the website www.rateup.net, owned by RateUp Ltd. ("RateUp"). PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE PRESENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE ACCESSING, REGISTERING OR USING THE WEBSITE.
The Website is a web-based marketing tool for collecting customer ratings and comments in real time.
The access, registration and use of the Website constitute consent and full acceptance of these Terms of use by you. In case you do not accept these Terms of use, you shall not access or use the Website. RateUp is authorized at any time and at its own discretion to terminate these Terms of use or your access to the Website, and these Terms of use do not create an obligation for RateUp to maintain the Website for a period of time. RateUp is authorized to amend these Terms of use in a manner and time specified at the discretion of RateUp. Changes in these Terms of use shall enter into force from the date of their publication on www.rateup.net. Accessing or using the Website after the publication of amendments to the Terms of use is considered as a consent and acceptance of the implemented changes.
In the event that any provision under these Terms of use is void or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed unwritten, as nullity or invalidity of a separate provision shall not lead to nullity or invalidity of these Terms of use.


You may not: (a) remove any signs or information for any copyright, industrial property or proprietary rights placed on the Website; (B) reproduce, modify, create derivative works based on, distribute, license, rent, sell, resell, transfer, to publicly display, broadcast, transmit, stream, or otherwise use the Website or Content on the Website, unless you have not received permission from RateUp; (C) decompile, explore how to create or divide into separate parts the Website; (D) hamper in any way the functionality and performance of the Website; (E) make attempts for unauthorized access to or damage the Website or its related systems and networks; (F) while registering or using the Website to input false, inaccurate or unauthorized data, as well as to use materials, production or information belonging to other parties without their permission.
The website can be visited and viewed without the prior need for registration. To use certain features of the Website every user should make a user or a business user registration respectively.

      User registration
    To be a regular user of the Website, you must select a gender and fill in the registration form with user name, surname, e-mail and password. After inputting all the necessary data an internal account is created, which also allows sending messages, comments or assessments of the business users in the network, as well as viewing business profiles and their evaluation.
    Once your account is created, as well as the actions made through it on the Website, it cannot be deleted individually by the user. To deactivate an account, the user should explicitly request that in a statement to RateUp at admin@rateup.net. The activation of already deactivated account can be requested by the user with an explicit statement to RateUp at admin@rateup.net.
      Registration of business users
        Business user is each merchant registered with the account "business" after correctly filling out the registration form for the business user. The account shall be created after review and confirmation by the administrator of RateUp. Any business user must provide correct information in order to be approved and his account set up with an option for evaluation.
        For each registration the business user must input the following data:
            1. Select the individual price package.
            2. Inside information.
            3. Public information.
            4. Business Category.
            5. Business Keywords.
            6. "Rate UP", Criteria.
            7. Design of website widget for reputation.
        After approval by the administrator, the business user can then start using the online reputation "Rate UP" system correctly.
        Depending on the individual price package, the business user can have different types of extras. The payment for the package selected must be done within 7 days after the account set up, otherwise the business account is deactivated.
        Once your account is created, as well as the actions made through it on the Website, it cannot be deleted individually by the business user. To deactivate an account, the business user should explicitly request that in a statement to RateUp at admin@rateup.net. The activation of already deactivated account can be requested by the business user with an explicit statement to RateUp of admin@rateup.net.


The prices of the individual packages provided to the business users are those listed on the website at the time of registration in the registration form for business users, except in cases of manifest error.
Prices are quoted in the currency indicated on the website and include VAT. The packages are invoiced exclusively in the currency indicated on the Website. RateUp is not responsible for any fees or exchange translation of currency or fee for electronic payment applied by the bank that issued the credit or debit card used by the user. Such fees will be borne by the user.
Invoices are issued only in the name of the person to whom the business profile is registered.
The prices for individual packages and other expenses can be changed at any time, but such changes will not affect accounts already set up.
To pay for the selected price package, business users can use one of the payment methods listed on the website, under the conditions described there.
Upon payment the user is bound by the terms and conditions and / or charges of the provider of the payment services.
RateUp does not bear any responsibilities, if a method of payment, including third-party payment service is not available.


The website contains information about third party services as well as content provided by third parties (including advertisements), on which RateUp does not exercise control. RateUp does not guarantee or confirm the information about the services provided by third parties or the content provided by third parties. RateUp has no responsibility regarding any information provided about services or products of third parties, including with regards to its authenticity.


The website is an exclusive property of RateUp. Neither the present Terms of use nor the use of the Website or the registration on the Website provide any rights to (a) the Website, its parts or contents; (B) the business name, logo, trademarks, names of services or products of RateUp or partners of RateUp.


The user is responsible for providing network access required for the successful access to the Website. RateUp does not guarantee in any way that the Website or its parts will operate on certain devices or specific hardware. Furthermore, the work and functioning of the Website may be hampered or delayed because of the internet connection used or the electronic tool of the user.


The content of the Website is provided "as is" and "as provided". RateUp is exempted from any liability and does not guarantee or certify, directly or indirectly, the suitability of the content for a particular purpose, its authenticity or its compliance with the law. In addition, RateUp does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, up-to-date, availability, security or reliability of the Website, its contents or that the Website will not contain inaccuracies or errors.
The website provides only information on reputation for services and businesses that is generated by users votes and data input, thus RateUP does not guarantee the accuracy of the information.
RateUp, its employees, representatives, managers and contractors are not liable for any damage arising from or in connection with (a) if you breach these Terms of use; (B) if you breach any third party rights, including intellectual property rights; (C) use of third party content from the Website.
RateUp is not responsible for incorrectly input data and manipulated results.
RateUp has the right to suspend the access to accounts and business accounts, if there are identified deceptive techniques or methods of action which endanger people's well-being or lives as well as impede the proper functioning of the Website.
RateUp is not responsible for the authenticity of the registered users and business users.
RateUp is not responsible if the system is intervened by hackers or force majeure factors.
RateUp will not provide to third parties any inside information related to its users and business users.


For the purposes of this section, the following terms shall have the meanings, as specified: "Content" shall mean any content on the Website including, but not limited to, logos, icons, trademarks, text, graphic text, graphics, photographic images, photographs, sounds, pictures, music, opinions, remarks, comments, artwork, links, questions, suggestions, information or other materials, including materials, information, content, or advertisements provided by third parties.
"Contents of RateUp" means Content owned or used by RateUp on the Website except for Content provided by third parties.
With these Terms of use RateUp allows each user to use the Content and the Content of RateUp, as follows:
To browse the Content of RateUp solely for personal and non-commercial purposes;
To browse the Content to which you have access to only for personal and non-commercial purposes.
You may not use, copy, modify, adapt, create derivative works from, distribute, license, rent, sell, transfer, publicly present or display, reproduce, transmit, broadcast or in any other way use the website, the Content of RateUp or the Content, unless otherwise explicitly stated in these Terms of use.
RateUp is the exclusive holder of all rights, including intellectual property rights on the Website and the Content of RateUp.
RateUp is not responsible for the violations of the intellectual property rights through the Content provided by third parties.
RateUp owns all data generated on the web and of the Content and can use these for the purpose of internal marketing research and services.


Website registration is voluntary. Upon registration each user is registered on the website, providing the data referred to in the section "Use of the Website."
RateUp clearly indicates the voluntary nature of data provision, in case a user refuses to provide personal data or subsequently withdraws his consent, the registration on the Website is terminated.
By registering on the Website the user agrees his personal data provided to be stored and processed by RateUp.
RateUp is not responsible and is not liable for any compensation to the person whose personal data are used for registration on the Website by another person, irrespectively whether the first one gave his consent, or not.
RateUp declares that it will not disclose data to third parties, unless explicitly required by law.
Each user has the right to access his personal data processed by RateUp and the right to ask RateUp for deletion, correction or blocking of the data by sending a written request to RateUp at admin@rateup.net.


In the event that any provision under these Terms of use is void or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed unwritten, as nullity or invalidity of a separate provision shall not constitute a nullity or invalidity of the present Terms of use.


The present Terms of use are governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian law.

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